Top Five Must-See Places When You Travel to Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is best known for being the capitol city of one of the largest states in the union and for hosting the largest musical festival in the country, South by Southwest. It goes without saying that the burgeoning live music scene here is the modern day equivalent to what the Seattle grunge scene was during the early 90s. That aside, this city is both diverse and magnificent, and has much to offer the visitor. While there are many notable places that you should try and see if you find yourself passing through Texas, these top ten are truly must-see destinations that can really enhance your trip in this state and make for some very fond memories when you return back home.

Texas State Capitol: One of the prettiest and most marvelous capital buildings in the United States is the brain child and architectural baby of designer architect Elijah E. Myers, originally finished being built in the late 1800s. This near exact replica of the White House is just as grand and is something that shouldn’t be missed when in Texas.

Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum: This is, without a doubt, the most popular of all presidential libraries. LBJ was the 36th sitting president, made famous for his secret taping of Oval Office affairs, tapes which can be seen in this building, and the Watergate Scandal. The library also houses nearly forty million documents and a replica of the Oval Office itself.

Zilker Botanical Garden: This must-see botanical garden runs adjacent to Barton Springs Road and features multiple different gardens that span over twenty acres. It is considered to be one of the finest botanical gardens in the country, and is absolutely a must-see when you travel to Austin.

East 6th Street: Ever wondered what there is to do at night in Austin? East 6th Street is the answer. During the weekends they close off the streets to cars and only foot traffic is allowed. Tons of bars, restaurants and night clubs litter the streets, complete with live performers, vendors, food carts and live music. A must-see for all who venture to this amazing state; one of the staples of the night life.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue: When you travel to Austin, make sure that you stop by Auditorium Shores so you can catch a glimpse and shoot a photo of this awesome statue. Originally erected in 1994 to pay homage to the late Stevie Ray Vaughan – an amazing blues rocker that died tragically in a plane crash – perhaps one of the most legendary musicians to ever claim this city as his hometown.