Things To Consider When Thinking Of Retiring To Texas

When looking for the best states to retire in nowadays, Texas will definitely show up as the number one choice for most seniors. Florida is now getting some competition for being the number one retirement state, because Texas is fast emerging as the Mecca for retirement, catapulting over California and Arizona. The affordable living costs has definitely given Texas the distinct advantage over states such as Florida and California, where the price for homes has increased in the last couple of years. Increase housing prices, hurricanes, overcrowding and higher home insurance premiums are causing Florida to become the less desirable location.

In order to compete aggressively for retirees, the Texas Agriculture Department introduced a program certifying communities to be recognized as desirable areas for retirees. Some of the places with certification include Athens, Lufkin, Cuero, Winnsboro, Duncanville and Nacogdoches County. This department is enhancing the website for retire in Texas, designing advertisements for retirement magazines, creating brochures as well as organizing trade show to tout Texas to potential retirees.

One of the suggestions for the communities to appeal to seniors is to use the natural attributes of the state to attract boomers who intend to relocate after retirement. Boomers will be searching for areas to enhance their active lifestyles and this states has countless places for them such as the Gulf Coast, Hill Country, Piney Woods as well as West Texas, just to name a few.

If you are looking at your options to retire to Texas, here are some things to consider:

First of all, what type of weather do you prefer? From Dallas to Panhandle areas, you can get snow during the wintertime. In case you prefer warm weather look at areas such as Brownsville and Corpus Christi. The hill country close to Austin will be a great compromise because it is much cooler than places like Houston during the summer time.

Next, are you planning to live in and around a large city? In case you travel by airplane you should consider the distance to the airport. If you want to check out the theater, opera or ballet, then you should choose a big city. To enjoy the some peace and quiet in Texas, then small towns such as Luckenbach will be the ideal spot.

Finally, are you a big sports fan? In Texas, you could be in close proximity to your favorite American professional football team because this game is like a religion in this state.

There are many opportunities for you to find the cheapest and the best place to retire in Texas, so ensure that your check out what this Lone Star State has to offer.