Things To Consider When Thinking Of Retiring To Texas

When looking for the best states to retire in nowadays, Texas will definitely show up as the number one choice for most seniors. Florida is now getting some competition for being the number one retirement state, because Texas is fast emerging as the Mecca for retirement, catapulting over California and Arizona. The affordable living costs has definitely given Texas the distinct advantage over states such as Florida and California, where the price for homes has increased in the last couple of years. Increase housing prices, hurricanes, overcrowding and higher home insurance premiums are causing Florida to become the less desirable location.

In order to compete aggressively for retirees, the Texas Agriculture Department introduced a program certifying communities to be recognized as desirable areas for retirees. Some of the places with certification include Athens, Lufkin, Cuero, Winnsboro, Duncanville and Nacogdoches County. This department is enhancing the website for retire in Texas, designing advertisements for retirement magazines, creating brochures as well as organizing trade show to tout Texas to potential retirees.

One of the suggestions for the communities to appeal to seniors is to use the natural attributes of the state to attract boomers who intend to relocate after retirement. Boomers will be searching for areas to enhance their active lifestyles and this states has countless places for them such as the Gulf Coast, Hill Country, Piney Woods as well as West Texas, just to name a few.

If you are looking at your options to retire to Texas, here are some things to consider:

First of all, what type of weather do you prefer? From Dallas to Panhandle areas, you can get snow during the wintertime. In case you prefer warm weather look at areas such as Brownsville and Corpus Christi. The hill country close to Austin will be a great compromise because it is much cooler than places like Houston during the summer time.

Next, are you planning to live in and around a large city? In case you travel by airplane you should consider the distance to the airport. If you want to check out the theater, opera or ballet, then you should choose a big city. To enjoy the some peace and quiet in Texas, then small towns such as Luckenbach will be the ideal spot.

Finally, are you a big sports fan? In Texas, you could be in close proximity to your favorite American professional football team because this game is like a religion in this state.

There are many opportunities for you to find the cheapest and the best place to retire in Texas, so ensure that your check out what this Lone Star State has to offer.

Wanting the Perfect Home – Personal Accommodations With Texas Custom Homes

Your home is where your heart is. So, for you to live in a house that isn’t quite close or completely up to personal par, well, it just doesn’t make absolute sense. Yet, what does make sense is for you to have a home that is perfect and exacting to your personal desires and wants. As we all know, it’s immensely important for anyone to be comfortable in their home, to be secure and to feel free to do anything and everything. This said, it only seems right for you to live in a place that exudes an instant homey feel putting you at ease, allowing you to be you. In the least, you should have a home that has a design and layout making it able for you to do whatever you want, however you want to do it. This type of house is what we call the “perfect home.”

Believe It or Not – Perfect Homes Are Out There

And you might think that such a personally-fitting type of home – one that is idealized to your dream home vision – is impossible to come by or, pessimistically enough, doesn’t exist at all. Yet, you’d be wrong. Now, with the offer of home builders providing custom homes throughout the United States, and especially in a number of parts of Texas, many prospective homeowners can get exactly what they want out of a home and can then live comfortably for a number of extended and satisfied years to come.

Avoiding Homes of Old That Are Nothing Like You

One of the best aspects about becoming familiarized with custom home options is that you can say goodbye to previously owned home options. No longer will you have to worry about going through the necessary steps of real estate research, looking into a variety of homes, visiting the researched homes for a thorough walk-through and then finally narrowing down all the home choices to actually decide which one you’ll be deciding to move into.

This process is one that requires a considerable amount of time and, in truth, in most instances proves to be a wild goose-styled house-chase that results in individuals feeling frustrated, hopeless and flat out overwhelmed. But, this is the old way of doing things – the non-customizable and less-refined house purchasing process.

Purchasing Texas Custom Homes With An Ease Guaranteed to Please

If you’re located in Texas or even elsewhere in the U.S., you should know that the new way of purchasing a home, with a custom twist, is the way to go. Instead of dealing with a real estate agent (or two, or more) through the process of getting your new home you can now speak directly with one or multiple custom home builders to outline exactly what you want out of your new, yet-to-be home. And this is where the noticeable advantage comes into play – complete customization. And, best part is it’s all on your end. You have complete control over what your house will look like, how it’s designed and how it will function. And you can tweak it and suggest changes as you go through the process according to your personal and family needs. With custom homes, nothing is out of the realm of perfect possibility.

Northwest Hills Homes in Austin, Texas

This community can be easily accessed from Loop 360 or Mopac. Chimney Corner, Mesa Oaks, Shinoak Valley, Edwards Mountain, and Highland Hills are the real estate communities nearby. Homes here are well known and built from the 1960s to 1970s. These homes were designed and created by Walter Carrington, Nash Phillips Copus, Bill Milburn, Joe Higgs, Russell Eppright, Don Skirrow, and Don Reynolds. Homes in Northwest Hills real estate range from the 350s to 1.5 million. Features of homes 8′ ceilings, 2400 square feet, courtyards, and single story homes.

Subdivisions such as Chimney Corners, Mesa Oaks, Edwards Mountain, Highland Hills, and Shinoak Valley are near Northwest Hills homes.

Northwest Hills Homes in Austin, Texas

There is no HOA fee for residents here. Several nearby amenities are available to residents. The Dell Jewish Community Center is open to everyone, regardless of religious affiliation, and features exercise classes, a year round heated pool, and weight room. The Allen Memorial County Park, Barrow Preserve, Bull Creek Park and Greenbelt, and Bright Leaf Preserve are all nearby to homes in this community. Westover Hills Club is also open to all and provides memberships and a summer swim team.

A dog park off of Lakewood Drive is available to residents of Northwest Hills real estate, as is a community pool. Bull Creek is a short drive from homes in Northwest Hills real estate. Nearby parks for residents of Northwest Hills homes to enjoy include Allen Memorial County Park, Barrow Preserve, Bull Creek Park and Greenbelt, and Bright Leaf Preserve.

More About Northwest Hills

This community is tucked into nature, but close to several major roads and highways such as Mopac and Loop 360. As such, it is incredibly easy for residents to drive to shopping centers and great restaurants. Nearby are fantastic and popular restaurants like Wally’s Burgers, Mirabelle, Mesa ranch, La Salsa, Kneaded Pleasures, El Arroyo, and Brooklyn Pie Co. HEB, Randall’s, CVS, Reid’s Dry Cleaners, Wal-Mart, and USPS are a short drive away. The Curtain Theatre is nearby too. In the mood for some shopping? Several shopping centers are nearby, such as the Domain, the Arboretum, Anderson Lane, and Northcross Mall.

Schools Nearby

The Austin Independent School District and Eanes ISD service the students living in this community. Doss Elementary School, Murchison Middle School, and Anderson High School are likely the schools that students will attend.

This community is one that anyone can easily make their new home.

Top Five Must-See Places When You Travel to Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is best known for being the capitol city of one of the largest states in the union and for hosting the largest musical festival in the country, South by Southwest. It goes without saying that the burgeoning live music scene here is the modern day equivalent to what the Seattle grunge scene was during the early 90s. That aside, this city is both diverse and magnificent, and has much to offer the visitor. While there are many notable places that you should try and see if you find yourself passing through Texas, these top ten are truly must-see destinations that can really enhance your trip in this state and make for some very fond memories when you return back home.

Texas State Capitol: One of the prettiest and most marvelous capital buildings in the United States is the brain child and architectural baby of designer architect Elijah E. Myers, originally finished being built in the late 1800s. This near exact replica of the White House is just as grand and is something that shouldn’t be missed when in Texas.

Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum: This is, without a doubt, the most popular of all presidential libraries. LBJ was the 36th sitting president, made famous for his secret taping of Oval Office affairs, tapes which can be seen in this building, and the Watergate Scandal. The library also houses nearly forty million documents and a replica of the Oval Office itself.

Zilker Botanical Garden: This must-see botanical garden runs adjacent to Barton Springs Road and features multiple different gardens that span over twenty acres. It is considered to be one of the finest botanical gardens in the country, and is absolutely a must-see when you travel to Austin.

East 6th Street: Ever wondered what there is to do at night in Austin? East 6th Street is the answer. During the weekends they close off the streets to cars and only foot traffic is allowed. Tons of bars, restaurants and night clubs litter the streets, complete with live performers, vendors, food carts and live music. A must-see for all who venture to this amazing state; one of the staples of the night life.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue: When you travel to Austin, make sure that you stop by Auditorium Shores so you can catch a glimpse and shoot a photo of this awesome statue. Originally erected in 1994 to pay homage to the late Stevie Ray Vaughan – an amazing blues rocker that died tragically in a plane crash – perhaps one of the most legendary musicians to ever claim this city as his hometown.