New Home Buying Tip – Owning Beats Renting

OWN: Your home builds equity for your future. You can use equity to move up to a new larger home one day, or to help send your children to college.
RENT: No equity is built, no matter how long you rent. It’s like pouring money down the drain.

OWN: You control your monthly payment.
RENT: Landlord controls payment.

OWN: New home buying tip: mortgage interest is tax-deductible. The government’s loss is your gain.
RENT: No tax benefits.

OWN: A nice, safe backyard for children to play. You have room for pets, and also a garden.
RENT: No backyard, no garden. Often pets not allowed.

OWN: A new garage for your cars and tools. Most new homes have two-car garages with automatic door openers. Today’s new garages also include work and storage areas.
RENT: You have to park on the street, or pay extra for covered parking. If there is a garage, it’s usually too small for your cars and stuff.

OWN: You can paint and decorate however you like.
RENT: You can’t paint, or you have to repaint or loose your deposit when you move.

OWN: Most new homes include laundry rooms, so you can wash clothes whenever you like.
RENT: Going to the washateria is a hassle!

OWN: You enjoy a sense of community, stability, and security.
RENT: It’s hard to have a sense of community, stability and security in an apartment.

OWN: A new home has space for everyone in the family. Most new homes have at least three bedrooms.
RENT: Rented property is often cramped and not designed for family living.

OWN: A new home doesn’t need maintenance for years to come, but you’re free to customize your new home to match your needs and tastes. All it takes is to begin the home buying process.
RENT: You must depend on your landlord to maintain his property.

Get To Know Designer Jan Barboglio

There are some designers who make an entrance into the fashion world and work their way to the top slowly. There are others who seem to make almost an instant splash and continue to be a popular choice among many individuals. Such is the case with Jan Barboglio, a designer that has a well-known name throughout her home territory of Texas and indeed, around the world. If you have followed any of her designs in the past, you might be interested in learning a little bit about her and how she found her love of designing that finds its way into many of our homes.

Jan Barboglio spent her young childhood in the area of northern New Mexico. The rugged landscape in the area likely influenced much of her design ideas. In addition, she spent a lot of her years as a young child on a large ranch in the area and there was, no doubt, a lot of iron work that was used on the ranch which also influenced her designs. Today, she lives in a historic neighborhood in Dallas with her family. She spends much of her time working on her decorations and enjoying being with her family in that area. She has a sister, named Tina that was influential in her design philosophy and helped to start the home decor design business that she is now so famous for doing.

Although most people are familiar with Jan Barboglio because of her home decor designs, that is not actually how she got her start. In the beginning of her career, she had an excellent reputation for designing a line of apparel, for which she really displayed a lot of creativity. She was in apparel design for more than 20 years and ended up taking her creativity to the home decor area. It is in the home design area that she tends to spend the majority of her time.

It is interesting that her popularity has much to do with the fact that she puts a lot of her past into the home decor business. You can see a lot of the influence of her young childhood in New Mexico and as we discussed, with the fact that her work was likely very popular on the ranch where she spent her young childhood. You will also see a lot of the influences of Dallas, which is where she now resides in the work that she does. That unique style has really added a lot to what she brings to the table and it likely adds to her popularity as well.

If you are somebody that enjoys decorating and likes to add some flair to your home, there is no doubt that you will also come to appreciate the different designs that Jan Barboglio offers. Regardless of whether it is a plate, a centerpiece item or any type of design that she does, she really puts a lot into it and there is no doubt that each piece is uniquely her own.

Things To Consider When Thinking Of Retiring To Texas

When looking for the best states to retire in nowadays, Texas will definitely show up as the number one choice for most seniors. Florida is now getting some competition for being the number one retirement state, because Texas is fast emerging as the Mecca for retirement, catapulting over California and Arizona. The affordable living costs has definitely given Texas the distinct advantage over states such as Florida and California, where the price for homes has increased in the last couple of years. Increase housing prices, hurricanes, overcrowding and higher home insurance premiums are causing Florida to become the less desirable location.

In order to compete aggressively for retirees, the Texas Agriculture Department introduced a program certifying communities to be recognized as desirable areas for retirees. Some of the places with certification include Athens, Lufkin, Cuero, Winnsboro, Duncanville and Nacogdoches County. This department is enhancing the website for retire in Texas, designing advertisements for retirement magazines, creating brochures as well as organizing trade show to tout Texas to potential retirees.

One of the suggestions for the communities to appeal to seniors is to use the natural attributes of the state to attract boomers who intend to relocate after retirement. Boomers will be searching for areas to enhance their active lifestyles and this states has countless places for them such as the Gulf Coast, Hill Country, Piney Woods as well as West Texas, just to name a few.

If you are looking at your options to retire to Texas, here are some things to consider:

First of all, what type of weather do you prefer? From Dallas to Panhandle areas, you can get snow during the wintertime. In case you prefer warm weather look at areas such as Brownsville and Corpus Christi. The hill country close to Austin will be a great compromise because it is much cooler than places like Houston during the summer time.

Next, are you planning to live in and around a large city? In case you travel by airplane you should consider the distance to the airport. If you want to check out the theater, opera or ballet, then you should choose a big city. To enjoy the some peace and quiet in Texas, then small towns such as Luckenbach will be the ideal spot.

Finally, are you a big sports fan? In Texas, you could be in close proximity to your favorite American professional football team because this game is like a religion in this state.

There are many opportunities for you to find the cheapest and the best place to retire in Texas, so ensure that your check out what this Lone Star State has to offer.

Wanting the Perfect Home – Personal Accommodations With Texas Custom Homes

Your home is where your heart is. So, for you to live in a house that isn’t quite close or completely up to personal par, well, it just doesn’t make absolute sense. Yet, what does make sense is for you to have a home that is perfect and exacting to your personal desires and wants. As we all know, it’s immensely important for anyone to be comfortable in their home, to be secure and to feel free to do anything and everything. This said, it only seems right for you to live in a place that exudes an instant homey feel putting you at ease, allowing you to be you. In the least, you should have a home that has a design and layout making it able for you to do whatever you want, however you want to do it. This type of house is what we call the “perfect home.”

Believe It or Not – Perfect Homes Are Out There

And you might think that such a personally-fitting type of home – one that is idealized to your dream home vision – is impossible to come by or, pessimistically enough, doesn’t exist at all. Yet, you’d be wrong. Now, with the offer of home builders providing custom homes throughout the United States, and especially in a number of parts of Texas, many prospective homeowners can get exactly what they want out of a home and can then live comfortably for a number of extended and satisfied years to come.

Avoiding Homes of Old That Are Nothing Like You

One of the best aspects about becoming familiarized with custom home options is that you can say goodbye to previously owned home options. No longer will you have to worry about going through the necessary steps of real estate research, looking into a variety of homes, visiting the researched homes for a thorough walk-through and then finally narrowing down all the home choices to actually decide which one you’ll be deciding to move into.

This process is one that requires a considerable amount of time and, in truth, in most instances proves to be a wild goose-styled house-chase that results in individuals feeling frustrated, hopeless and flat out overwhelmed. But, this is the old way of doing things – the non-customizable and less-refined house purchasing process.

Purchasing Texas Custom Homes With An Ease Guaranteed to Please

If you’re located in Texas or even elsewhere in the U.S., you should know that the new way of purchasing a home, with a custom twist, is the way to go. Instead of dealing with a real estate agent (or two, or more) through the process of getting your new home you can now speak directly with one or multiple custom home builders to outline exactly what you want out of your new, yet-to-be home. And this is where the noticeable advantage comes into play – complete customization. And, best part is it’s all on your end. You have complete control over what your house will look like, how it’s designed and how it will function. And you can tweak it and suggest changes as you go through the process according to your personal and family needs. With custom homes, nothing is out of the realm of perfect possibility.