Lessons in Texas Holdem Poker (Limit)

Texas Holdem Poker, in the Limit variant, is a measured, mathematical game. You will need strategies that are designed to help you make the most money for the least effort. There is no magic formula but I will be giving you tips on how to maximize your earnings potential.

Everybody knows you need to have good starting hands to be successful but that is far from the end of the story. There are many other important points that need to be addressed.

In this article I will concentrate on small stake limit holdem cash in both live and online games.

The Home Texas Holdem Poker Game

Johnny Moss once said he’d bet his own grandmother in a hand! And this is where a major problem exists as money brings out the worst in some people.

I think home games have their place when played for friendly stakes or for small buy in tournaments. However, as soon as the stakes go up sometimes friendships go out the door. I’ve heard from several of my friends involved with boy’s poker nights (small fee tournaments) that have moved to cash limit, and finally moved on to No Limit cash. The major reason for these moves being the involvement of Jack Daniels! Usually it works out fine but on a few occasions friendships were tested. If you are going to play at home make sure you play for fun or small money.

On Texas Holdem Poker – Online

What a great concept – any day, anytime you can find a game waiting for you for any stakes you please.

Want to play a sit and go tournament for $5, sure no problem.

Want to play $300/$600 with the best in the world then – yes it’s out there.

In order to win the most, you need to select the correct game to sit down in. As I said, this article is for the small stake Texas Holdem Limit player, so any statistics I produce have that in mind. I say small stakes which I take to mean $0.5/$1 tables up to $5/$10.

Log on to your online poker site and arrive in the lobby. Order the tables by stake and scroll down. You see five tables that are ten handed and so you decide to go on the waiting list.

Do you wait for the next available seat?

That depends. If all of the tables have average pots of Seven Big Bets (a big bet is the value of the bets on the turn and the river, which in Limit Texas Holdem play are double the size of the pre flop and flop bets) then it doesn’t matter which one you wait for. If all but one table have less than five big bets and there is nobody in the queue for the table with more than five big bets then it is worth waiting for that one.

Why do I put emphasis on average pot size? Well, the bigger the pot the more you stand to gain when you win a pot. The tables that have five big bets or less are probably full of “Rocks” (tight players) and you will not be able to extract the maximum value for your hand, or they will fold to any aggressive play you show them. Therefore your earnings per hour will decrease at these tables. Go for other tables with the highest big bet per pot average.

More Methods For Picking A Table With Texas Holdem Poker

Another way that you can see which table to choose is to look at the statistic “average seen flop”.

This is the percentage of players that have seen the flop per hand. Some online poker sites display this in the lobby. If you are playing small stakes Limit Texas Holdem, any table average with 35% or higher should have your mouth watering.

Some poker sites allow you to maintain a buddy list. I highly encourage you to do this. Say you were playing $2/$4 Texas Holdem and a player on your table is constantly calling down cold calling pre-flop and showing down things like 6 of clubs 4 of spades from early position they need to be added to your buddy list.

When you next log on you can check your list and see if they are playing. Even if they are playing higher, it may well be worth moving up to take their money. This is especially the case if you can sit to their left and make isolation raises to get them heads up with you. (I digress into poker statistics which we will get onto in due time).

This is only the beginning and I’ve just brushed the surface into how to maximise your earnings starting with game selection. At first, it may be about the right tables. Try these tips and look for more of my suggestions about Texas Holdem Poker.

How To Chose A Retirement Home

Finding an appropriate retirement home could waste you precious time and money. So make sure you’re ready to plan for this major change. Retirement homes are usually developed as a condominium or a compound of properties, but are these the only options for you? There are five elements that you should consider before buying retirement properties.

1. Location

The setting of the retirement home is important because you will want a home that has good proximity to hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, post office, veterinarians or police stations, etc. Roam around the area and look for local services that you would need in the future. The location of the retirement homes should benefit both you and your loved ones. Make sure that the area is near your friends and families. Check the availability of traveling options your visitors would come across for future visiting references.

2. Design

– Check to see the construction of the community

– Make sure that your necessities like laundry and common area are provided for

– Checking the width and length of individual rooms to ensure your furniture will fit

– If these furniture does not fit the room, either ask for a larger space or look for other retirement homes

– If you or one of your family members is in a wheel chair, you should check the spaciousness of doors and the corridors

3. Services

It is important to know the features of the retirement homes’ benefits and services. In choosing a perfect retirement home, you should identify your own level of needs. Make a checklist of services you would prefer, like home maintenance, nursing aid, and many more. Also, ask for the cost of each service you would need. This will give you a picture on the total cost for your retirement home.

4. Housing


This refers to the most common retirement homes available. These are homes that could be within your own apartment or living in community.

Independent living is for the mobile people that could cook for themselves, go shopping alone and could do their own chores. In this kind of setting, you are given the full freedom you need. Medical assistance and other services could be provided for only if you came to the local hospital or hired a helper.

Apartments or community living are for people who could also take care of their cooking, eating and basic needs. Majority of these retirement homes are designed with assistive technology like buzzers and hand rails. Its main purpose is to provide you with the freedom, while being in a community of retirees.

Independent community refers to a large facility which may look like a hospital. The people in here are mobile and could do their own chores. Although this kind does not provide medical assistance, they are supervised by the management of the facility if anything bad may happen.


A kind of retirement homes that provides you with housing plus services. This is for seniors who just wish to spend their time in leisure. The main purpose of these homes is to provide you with your medical supervision and your home maintenance.

Assisted living

This refers to homes that help in coping with weakening abilities. Although this may cost more, there would be people working for you to feed you, do the shopping for you, and cook for you. There is also personal nursing care in this option. These kinds of retirement homes would provide you with services that depend on your amount of needed help.


Continuing care retirement community is a secured compound wherein many seniors live in it. This kind of retirement homes provides you with the choice of services you may need. This kind gives you a contract saying that when the time comes that you become immobile, your needs and the services you need are still going to be met.

Luxury Home Builder

The difference between a cookie-cutter home and a custom built luxury home is a bit like comparing gas station coffee to a premium latte. You get to choose what goes into your premium, six dollar cup of java, and a skilled barista will make it fresh for you; it’s a customized drink built to your tastes.

A custom luxury home builder also gives you the freedom to choose; you get to pick what materials, location, school systems, and spaces your new home will have. Although the builder will be more than happy to help with all of the details for your new luxury home, there are still tons of questions you will have to decide yourself.

Location of your new home is more than just finding a pretty patch of land on which to build your dream home. Check out the other homes in the neighborhood; I know the last thing you want to think about when building a new luxury home is resell value, but all sorts of things can change in the next ten years. Best to be prepared for any eventuality. Check out the value of the surrounding homes and make sure that they stack up to the luxury home your are planning for yourself. Also, check out distances from conveniences, such as the local mall, parks, theaters, and shopping. Figure out what your commute time to work would be. Also, find out if the home you want to build will be within local building codes.

When considering location, also research the local schools. Look into both the public and private institutions around the piece of land you are looking to build on. There may not be a schooling system around your new home area that will supply the education you wish to give your children.

Before going to a contractor, make sure to start a scrapbook with pictures of homes and design elements that you would like to see implemented in your luxury home. This scrapbook will give the contractor something solid to work with when pulling together blueprints. You can pull pictures off of the internet, out of luxury home magazines, and even from photographs of friends’ and family members’ homes that you find appealing. This will give your contractor a great idea of your personal style.

But the most important consideration is who to contract. There are thousands of builders all over the world, but most high quality, luxury builders are located in larger cities. Most contractors will be willing to travel to build your new home, so you may still have a great selection of builders within reach of your site.

Do a little homework before you decide on a contractor; ask any friends or family who have used luxury home builders to see if they have a company they would recommend, or one that they would never use again. Read online reviews of every contractor.

Once you have a list of potentials, request an interview with the contractor; you can learn a lot about a contractor during this face-to-face meeting. Check out the look and styles of homes they have built, and see if the contractor’s style will mesh your own. If possible, have the contractor work up a mock up or sketches for you to look at.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a contractor, move on to the next! This is a big investment, and a big project. Working with someone you like can be the difference between a house, and the luxury home you will love for many years to come.

10 Reasons Why a New Home is Better

1. Everything in your new home is new, so there are no worries about expensive repairs such as the roof, foundation, etc. New homes come with a builder warranty, and there are also usually warranties for new appliances and systems (such as air conditioning). With a used home, “prepare to repair,” as the old saying goes. This is especially true if your inspector doesn’t catch every problem, or if the previous owner has tried to hide faults.

2. Most homebuilders can help buyers with down payments and closing costs. Builders can also help buyers repair their credit and find affordable financing.

3. Today’s new homes have the latest energy-saving features, including insulation, double-paned windows and high-efficiency air conditioners. They use much less energy than older homes, and that can mean big savings on utility bills for your new home in Houston, Texas.

4. You can personalize a new home to your family’s tastes and needs. You get to choose your paint color, carpet, cabinets, etc. In many cases, you can customize the floor plan by adding an extra bedroom or bathroom.

5. You know who built your home. You can check out a builder’s reputation before choosing that company.

6. New homes must adhere to local building codes and regulations, so they are safer and better built. For example, they have modern electrical systems. They also must meet the strict criteria imposed by today’s mortgage companies. This can result in lower insurance rates.

7. In a new home, you can usually include the costs of upgrades (such as adding an extra bathroom), into the primary mortgage loan, which has the best interest rate. With a used home, costs for remodeling or added features must be paid in cash, or with a second loan at a higher interest rate.

8. New homes have floor plans designed for the way families like to live today. Large family rooms are open to the kitchen, so everybody can socialize. Other modern features include walk-in closets, bathrooms with double vanities, media rooms and enough secondary bedrooms for the entire family.

9. Today’s new homes are healthier, no longer using asbestos, lead, formaldehyde and other materials that can harm your family’s health. Today’s building materials, such as brick and Hardiplank siding, are more durable, making your new home in Houston, Texas able to resist rot and insects.

10. In a new community, neighbors tend to get to know each other better, since they all moved in at about the same time.

Texas in the best place to buy a new home – new homes are clearly better than used!