New Home Buying Tip – Owning Beats Renting

OWN: Your home builds equity for your future. You can use equity to move up to a new larger home one day, or to help send your children to college.
RENT: No equity is built, no matter how long you rent. It’s like pouring money down the drain.

OWN: You control your monthly payment.
RENT: Landlord controls payment.

OWN: New home buying tip: mortgage interest is tax-deductible. The government’s loss is your gain.
RENT: No tax benefits.

OWN: A nice, safe backyard for children to play. You have room for pets, and also a garden.
RENT: No backyard, no garden. Often pets not allowed.

OWN: A new garage for your cars and tools. Most new homes have two-car garages with automatic door openers. Today’s new garages also include work and storage areas.
RENT: You have to park on the street, or pay extra for covered parking. If there is a garage, it’s usually too small for your cars and stuff.

OWN: You can paint and decorate however you like.
RENT: You can’t paint, or you have to repaint or loose your deposit when you move.

OWN: Most new homes include laundry rooms, so you can wash clothes whenever you like.
RENT: Going to the washateria is a hassle!

OWN: You enjoy a sense of community, stability, and security.
RENT: It’s hard to have a sense of community, stability and security in an apartment.

OWN: A new home has space for everyone in the family. Most new homes have at least three bedrooms.
RENT: Rented property is often cramped and not designed for family living.

OWN: A new home doesn’t need maintenance for years to come, but you’re free to customize your new home to match your needs and tastes. All it takes is to begin the home buying process.
RENT: You must depend on your landlord to maintain his property.