10 Reasons Why a New Home is Better

1. Everything in your new home is new, so there are no worries about expensive repairs such as the roof, foundation, etc. New homes come with a builder warranty, and there are also usually warranties for new appliances and systems (such as air conditioning). With a used home, “prepare to repair,” as the old saying goes. This is especially true if your inspector doesn’t catch every problem, or if the previous owner has tried to hide faults.

2. Most homebuilders can help buyers with down payments and closing costs. Builders can also help buyers repair their credit and find affordable financing.

3. Today’s new homes have the latest energy-saving features, including insulation, double-paned windows and high-efficiency air conditioners. They use much less energy than older homes, and that can mean big savings on utility bills for your new home in Houston, Texas.

4. You can personalize a new home to your family’s tastes and needs. You get to choose your paint color, carpet, cabinets, etc. In many cases, you can customize the floor plan by adding an extra bedroom or bathroom.

5. You know who built your home. You can check out a builder’s reputation before choosing that company.

6. New homes must adhere to local building codes and regulations, so they are safer and better built. For example, they have modern electrical systems. They also must meet the strict criteria imposed by today’s mortgage companies. This can result in lower insurance rates.

7. In a new home, you can usually include the costs of upgrades (such as adding an extra bathroom), into the primary mortgage loan, which has the best interest rate. With a used home, costs for remodeling or added features must be paid in cash, or with a second loan at a higher interest rate.

8. New homes have floor plans designed for the way families like to live today. Large family rooms are open to the kitchen, so everybody can socialize. Other modern features include walk-in closets, bathrooms with double vanities, media rooms and enough secondary bedrooms for the entire family.

9. Today’s new homes are healthier, no longer using asbestos, lead, formaldehyde and other materials that can harm your family’s health. Today’s building materials, such as brick and Hardiplank siding, are more durable, making your new home in Houston, Texas able to resist rot and insects.

10. In a new community, neighbors tend to get to know each other better, since they all moved in at about the same time.

Texas in the best place to buy a new home – new homes are clearly better than used!