Texas Luxury Communities

One of the current trends in real estate that has gained enormous popularity in recent years is the concept of the luxury community. These planned communities incorporate many of the most desirable and necessary aspects of a traditional community into a smaller more self-contained development. Sometimes referred to as master planned communities, these developments are springing up all over the country and homeowners are falling in love with the planned community concept.

The proliferation of these communities has created a thriving real estate market in Texas. This has made Texas one of the premier locations for these stunningly beautiful and well-organized luxury communities. The climate and weather in The Lone Star State made it an ideal place to relocate to, especially if you are one who enjoys an active lifestyle as Texas is overflowing with excellent recreational options. Many of these communities fall within Texas’s scenic Hill Country which features stunning vistas of rolling hills and crystal clear lakes. It is hard to imagine a more beautiful backdrop for homes and properties.

There are communities in Texas designed for every imaginable lifestyle from family oriented to 55+ retirement communities, all featuring the excellent amenities and lifestyle choices that has become synonymous with the master planned community concept. Many of these developments feature extensive recreational facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, some feature incorporated golf courses, and the lake front communities feature excellent docking and marina facilities. These communities offer a complete lifestyle that is not lacking in any area, come and explore what luxury communities in Texas have to offer.

How I Successfully Profited When Mobile Home Investing

Hola my fellow inveSTARS,

This post will dive into the numbers and details of the 2 mobile homes I purchased last month here in sunny/snowy Texas. As you probably know I just moved to Texas for a change of scenery and being that MHs are crazy easy to manage I am able to move about fairly easily. Hoooray!

I was a little apprehensive when walking into the mobile home parks here in Texas. I was surprise to be feeling butterflies in my stomach similar to when I just started my investing career. It was definitely not a good feeling. I encourage all of you who are just starting out to push through this inevitable feeling of terror and pain, the rewards will be GREAT!

As I have said before there are many ways to find a secure mobile homes within parks and on land. (These 2 are located in a local family park. Lot rent = $225)

I didn’t even have to talk or negotiate with any sellers. Imagine that… In fact these were probably two of the easiest homes I have ever picked up. Not saying they are all this easy or all fall into place this perfectly. The park manager was super helpful and supportive, she had time to talk with me and walk me around every place she had for sale. The deals just seemed to fall into place. Chance favors the prepared… I love that saying.

Why didn’t I have to talk with any “sellers”? I bought both of these homes directly from the park itself. What do I mean? Well, if you have read my course you know that we always ask all park managers if they have any homes that they have recently gotten back from eviction or abandonment and there are strategic techniques we use to do this successfully. At the time she had 3 homes for sale at were in the price range we look for.

Pop quiz… Which MH do we pass on?

1. 1970 Single-wide 2/2 mobile home. Needs cleaning of junk thrown out around mobile. Appliances included. Window air conditioning units (2). All room sizes are large.

2. 1984 Single-wide 3/1 mobile. Needs chronic floor, roof and ceiling repairs. Rooms are all good sized. Appliances included. No hot water heater.

3. 1991 Single-wide 3/2 mobile home. Needs to be cleaned. Two broken windows. No roof, ceiling or floor damage present. Central heat and air (looks like it worked). Needs to be professionally exterminated. No appliances.

If you guessed that I passed on #2 you are correct. Remember that ceiling, roof and/or ceiling damage is not necessarily a cause for you to run for the hills but when the damage is spread throughout the house we say NEXT. The most damage I will tolerate would be a 3×3 square foot area of damage in a mobile home. I have found that this is cheap to fix and anything more is typically a cause of a larger problem, usually a severe moisture problem.

Purchase price and terms = $1,000 each. Not only did I buy them both for a total of $2,000 but I was able to put $1,000 down and have the manager accept $1,000 in 4 months, a one-time payment. PLUS as if that wasn’t enough to be a slam-dunk deal, I got the first 4 months lot/pad rent FREE (waived). Why? Because I gripped and moaned that it would take months to fix up the trailers and get them filled. It didn’t…

Here’s a list of my expenses to fix up both homes to be ready for sale:

Exterminator = $60 (both homes)

Junk & carpet removal = $250 (found on craigslist)

Used fridge, stove, washer and dryer = $375

Linoleum tiles for floor decoration = $100 (both homes, cheapest design)

Glass for 2 broken windows = $40

Air fresheners = $25

I have yet to find a good handy person and/or tenant-buyer that could do the work for me in Texas so me and a buddy took a weekend and knocked out the work with somewhat ease. I’m not very handy but nothing I described above takes too much skill. In fact the only thing we had to do was sweep and place the linoleum tiles to the floor and install the new window panes. If there was any floor or ceiling softness I would have searched craigslist for a local handyman (there is no way I’m attempting that, even though I’ve seen it done dozens of times)

I had no idea how slow or fast the properties would sell. However I knew I was offering a good value. Right near downtown for $625/month for the 2/2 and $725/month for the 3/2. I sold them both for $23,500 each. Net cash-flow > $625 a month. I make all my money back in 2 months. Plus I have the first 4 months free and will be receiving payments for the next 8 years with the note I structured.

I sold the 2 mobiles to a mother/father and daughter. This has happened before where a mother and/or father wish to live close to their child and grandkids. I really like selling homes this way because if the child has trouble paying the mother/father can help cover the cost and vice-versa.

I now need to start looking for some mobile homes attached to their own land.

Happy investing,

– John

A Review of the Home and Garden Party Income Opportunity

The Home and Garden Party company was originally founded in 1996 and was completely based on Christian principles. The company’s headquarters is located in East Texas. Each day, nearly 7000 orders are filled by over 300 employees. Steve Carlisle is the current CEO and Chairman of the company, while his wife Penny Carlisle holds the title of president. The company sells a variety of different products all from the comfort of your own home.

Their products range from home decorations and framed artwork, to dinnerware and bake ware, to candles, pottery and much more. Home and Garden Party currently has more than 28,000 Independent Designers, located all throughout the United States. As well, the company is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

The company gives the Independent Designers the opportunity to be their own boss. As an employee of the company, you have the ability to decide when and how much you want to work. An employee can keep their current job and work for Home and Garden Party for additional money. Or, if they choose, they can work for the company full time. If the Independent Designers have families, they can easily work the parties around their family’s home life, sport schedules, etc. With the companies flexible work schedule, the number of hours worked is simply up to the employee. There is no experience required to become an employee.

The company provides all of the training you will need to get started. Another advantage with this company is there are not quotas that must be met.

The Home and Garden Party company gives Independent Designers the potential to earn as much as 30-40% in commission as well as additional sponsoring bonuses. Consultants can also receive incentive trips and much more. If the Independent Designers are successful enough, they can also become owners of a PT Cruiser or Mercedes Benz as bonus incentives.
The company also offers the organizations the opportunity to sell their products as fundraisers. Schools, churches and youth groups can all sell products and a portion of the proceeds are returned to the organizations.

The owners of the company went with the name of Home and Garden Party simply to put a picture in your mind. They want you to imagine an informal get together that takes place in your home. Independent designers display attractive ideas and share ideas that will add interest and warmth to any home and while getting paid to throw a party. The Independent Designers simply find a hostess, who will host the party in his or her home. Then, the Designer will come in and show a sample of the products currently being sold. Customers can browse through a colorful catalog and simply place an order through the hostess. As a hostess, you will receive a great deal of incentives for allowing the Independent consultant to come into your home and share the products.

What began as a vision has quickly grown into a major home business. People from all over the world are learning how they earn money from the comfort of their own home. With Home and Garden Party, Independent Designers are able to set their own hours, make some extra money, while at the same time enjoy what they are doing and make new friends.

Home Theater Installation – A Well Thought Out Process

Cinema is a popular source of entertainment, bringing escape and enjoyment in our hard-working lives. People go to a movie theater to be engulfed in the magic woven by the perfect and in-sync combo of audio-visual effect. The stories told in the theater take the viewers into an altogether different world. That’s the magic of big screen, excellent sound quality and the darkness of a movie theater have a fascinating effect on the viewer. In a nutshell, all these factors give a movie and its story a strong effect and the impact is made more powerful on the audience. With home theater systems a similar kind of environment can easily be created at home. Movie lovers don’t have to go a movie theater; they can catch their favorite stars in action and experience the magic at home.

The techniques of home theater installation have to be given priority. To get that theater-like experience, a lot of things are taken into consideration. First you have to decide is to where to create that ‘magic’. If you have a spare room that’s well and good. If you are planning to construct one, then its easy to customize your preferences, beforehand. If you do not have adequate knowledge of home theater installation, then you would be wise to ask for the services of professional home theater installers. Before installation, you’ll have a lot of questions that experts can answer for you. The TV has to be installed properly and the speakers too, so that they don’t look out of place. There should be no hanging wires or cables because the room will look ugly and also it will be an open invitation to accidents. The system should be carefully mounted and a reasonable distance should be maintained from behind the wall so that there is no hindrance in daily operations.

Home theater design too has its own importance. To create a theater like environment, many factors need to be considered. Lighting plays an important part and dim lights are just perfect as it will enhance the colors of the picture on the screen. The room which you have chosen for home theater installation should not have many windows as unwanted natural light through them can spoil your experience of watching a movie in that required amount of darkness.

You also need to decide where to place the screen, whether it looks good in the center of the room or at the corner. The sound system too has to be good and professional home theater installers will give invaluable advice in terms of additional speakers needed and the positioning of speakers. Poor quality of sound is a huge disappointment and therefore it has to be taken care of. Thus, a lot of thinking goes into home theater installation and it is advisable to hire a professional installer who is capable of catering to your needs.